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Die Vorbereitungen dauerten lange. Fleißige Helfer sperrten die London Tower Bridge ab und schraubten Start- und Zielmarkierungen in den Asphalt. Es ist dunkle Nacht in London, etwa 3 Uhr nachts. Die sonst viel befahrene berühmte Brücke ist hell erleuchtet. Robbie Maddison rollt langsam mit seiner Motocross-Maschine an. Er setzt sich den Helm auf, dreht noch mal am Gashebel. Dann geht es los.
Red Bull City Scramble brings the sport of Enduro into an urban setting by transforming a city block into a unique Enduro course that tests man and machine to the limit.
Nicolas Ivanoff of France won the second Red Bull Air Race World Championship of the season in San Diego with a superb run in the finals while championship leader Hannes Arch of Austria fell to third after suffering a bird strike that tore a grapefruit-sized hole on the back of his plane.
\This was by far the hardest race I've ever won if you look at the times the other guys have been posting all week,\" said Bonhomme. He said he was relieved that he just missed touching a pylon on the final run. \""There were times when I thought I was going to hit a pylon. You just have to push. If you want to win this thing you have to go to the limit. That's the difference between winning or losing: missing the pylon by one millimetre or just hitting it by one millimetre. But we made it. I'm very pleased.\"""""
Big, bigger, TEXAS? The Lone Star State’s famous saying is certainly true, with proof everywhere you look – and the third stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 in Fort Worth is certainly no exception! Red Bull X-Fighters course builder extraordinaire Dane Herron and his crew have spent eleven days making the biggest FMX playground to ever grace the international freestyle motocross tour.
Simply completing a crash-free run on the biggest and most challenging X-Fighters course ever in the Fort Worth Stockyards is a huge physical and mental strain. The stifling Texas heat combined with a full FMX outfit mean that every session on the course pushes the riders to the limit.
While stifling 41-degree heat in Texas got the European riders in particular somewhat hot under the collar, Australian Cameron Sinclair managed to keep cool. The 24-year-old from Melbourne landed two double backflips in the main event. “There has never been a double backflip in competition before. I don’t really care about the fact I was eliminated in the semis – I’m just happy I’m more or less healthy!” The man from Down Under had to be helped off his bike after both tricks as the hard landing from a height of 10 metres had resulted in serious bruising of the Australian’s bones.
Winner Nate Adams underlined the status of the event: “Red Bull X-Fighters is the very top of FMX. There is nothing like winning against such world-class athletes.” Eigo Sato now leads the overall standing of the international FMX tour with 215 points, closely followed by Mat Rebeaud (210 points) and Robbie Maddison (145 points). Despite their strong position in the table, both Sato and Rebeaud are still without a win in the 2009 season.